Chase Amazon Credit Card

Are you a frequent online shopper on If you are, then a Chase Amazon Credit Card would be perfect for you and give more value to your purchases. Amazon has become synonymous with online shopping and continues to be the leader among its peers in the fast-growing Web shopping segment of the industry. Amazon's most popular products are in the entertainment category, such as music, movies, books, and games, but millions of customers also purchase electronics, computers, clothing, toys, home accessories, sports items, and other products from

What's the advantage of having a Chase Amazon Credit Card? For starters, when you apply and get approved for the card, you will instantly get a $30 Gift Card which you can use right away when you purchase through your Amazon account. It's a gift just because you became a cardmember, and you can immediately use not just the $30 gift card but the credit card as well on if you get approved. No more waiting in the mail for your card to arrive before you can enjoy the member benefits.


As a loyal shopper, you will be rewarded any time you use your Chase Amazon Credit Card for purchases. Within the site, you get 3x points towards your card, while the points are doubled if you use your card at gas stations, restaurants, and drug stores. All other purchases at other retailers and establishments where you use your card will get the same point. Anywhere you swipe your Amazon credit card, you automatically get rewarded, and there's no minimum or point expiration.

For every 100 points earned, you get $1.00. You can redeem your points in a variety of ways, such as cash back, gift cards, travel vouchers, and other benefits. It really is a credit card that you can use every day so you will have more points and rewards to enjoy as a cardmember.

Chase Amazon Credit Card holders get priority notification when there are discounts, sale events, and other special events and offers from Amazon. If you are always looking for the best bargains and deals, then being a cardmember gives you direct access to the best deals that you should not miss.

When you shop around, there are great deals that are exclusive for cardmembers, so you get more for your money. And of course, if you have been a frequent shopper at, you know that there are always hot deals and specials that are always being advertised all over the site. Whether you go to for your entertainment purchases, such as for getting the best-selling books, new DVD releases, or the fresh music tracks from your favorite artists, or even if you shop for hard-to-find accessories, apparel, and other items on, the Chase Amazon Credit Card rewards your purchases with points that you can use for more benefits later on. And because the card is powered by Visa, it is accepted everywhere, so you have even more chances to accumulate points and get exciting rewards.